I Made It To the NHL (well, sort of)

Every hockey player growing up thinks they’ll make it to the NHL.
‏‎ ‎
I was no different.
‏‎ ‎
Eventually though, for virtually all of us, that dream recedes as the competitive reality of the hockey world sets in.
‏‎ ‎
That dream turned out to be not as preposterous as I thought.

I’m excited and honored to announce the launch of the official website of the Strength and Conditioning Association of Professional Hockey (henceforth, SCAPH).

The strength and conditioning association of professional hockey

SCAPH is made up of the strength coaches from all 62 NHL and AHL teams.
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The SCAPH organization never had a place to share their collective wisdom with the hockey and strength and conditioning communities… Until today.
‏‎ ‎
Six months ago, I took over a website called Hockey Strength and Conditioning.
‏‎ ‎
One of the coaches who was helping me build the site, Mike Potenza, came to me with an idea.
‏‎ ‎
Mike, who’s the head strength coach with the San Jose Sharks and the president of SCAPH, asked me about collaborating on turning HSC into the official website of SCAPH.
‏‎ ‎
I jumped at the opportunity to get to work directly with Mike and the rest of the NHL strength coaches.
‏‎ ‎
Mike and I partnered up along with the rest of the pro hockey strength coaches to make this new venture a reality.
‏‎ ‎
At SCAPH, we’re excited to share the lastest performance training knowledge from the top performance coaches in the hockey world, from the NHL and beyond.
‏‎ ‎
If you’re looking for the best hockey training information around, you can follow us here on IG (@scaphockey) and check out our website (prohockeystrength.com).

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