Jordan Hines, Lasell lacrosse ’22

“David is an incredible trainer. I started training with him in the summer of 2018. He is the reason why, during that 10 week period, I achieved all my goals of gaining lean muscle, becoming more explosive and changing direction with better form. I would not have had a successful first college lacrosse season without David’s guidance. He is much more than this though. David is a first class guy and an even better friend. What makes our friendship unique is our interest in an area not many our age enjoy. That place is reading. David introduced me to the ways of essentialism, stoicism and the laws of human nature. Because of him, I am not only stronger, because of his skills as a trainer, but also a more knowledgeable person about society and people in today’s world.”

– Jordan Hines, Lasell College Lacrosse class of 2022

Caleb Weis, EHS ’17, GPS Academy ’18

“David will be the first to tell you that incremental, daily improvements are the secret to long-term athletic gain, but he wouldn’t need to tell you in order to send you that message. You can pick it up just by watching him. Seeing his dedication to perfect form in all exercises and movement patterns. Hearing him ask the purpose, or ideal body mechanics, of a drill. Sweating with him as you complete an extra round of hurdles, because the last round didn’t meet his high internal standards. Yes, David is a living, breathing testament to the fact that the best way to improve is through consistent dedication and the will to learn. I think I could count on one hand the number of times that I’ve been at Fit2Excel and he has not.

During workouts—whether he is leading, or a part of the class—David’s wealth of strength-and-conditioning knowledge is there to be shared with anyone who is attentive enough to pick it up. During the most recent workout that we both completed, he must’ve given me about five different pointers, each with the express purpose of helping me to advance as an athlete. But David’s teaching capacity does not extend exclusively to the wisdom that he already holds. Just as much can be learned from the questions that he asks his instructors, and the dedication with which he approaches his workouts and the pursuit of his best self. His desire for constant improvement is one of the many characteristics that sets David apart.”
– Caleb Weis, Essex High School Soccer class of 2017, GPS International Academy Soccer

Dan Barry, VT Lumberjacks ’18-’20

“David has helped my focus on what goes into my body and how my body should be moving. David is devoted to getting better and finding new ways to perfect the body. He always has an open mind and will stop at nothing to see his clients reach their best.”
– Dan Barry, Vermont Lumberjacks 2018-2020

Milo Trabulsy, Burlington High School Lacrosse ’20

David was my first ever inspiration to make myself better. He taught me how to workout effectively and efficiently while simultaneously becoming a mentor and friend. He strives not only to make himself the best he can be, but every athlete, child, and adult he works with as well. I wouldn’t trade the time and knowledge I have gained with David for anything.
– Milo Trabulsy, BHS Lacrosse ’20

James Boisvert, VT Lumberjacks ’18-’19, Morrisville State Hockey ’23

“Even though we poked fun at Rosie and gave him a hard time for his workouts sometimes, hand over heart he helped me so so much to get rid of my back pain. It was something I was dealing with for a few years and he helped me become a more fluid player and move better. He also helped to show me the importance of technique and movement, as I am already a strong person/ player he helped me realize it’s okay to slow down and make sure you do it right. “
– James Boisvert, Vermont Lumberjacks 2018-2019, Morrisville State Hockey ’23

Thomas Pierce, Ithaca College Soccer ’22

In 5th grade, Rosie and I would eat lunch together the Browns River Middle School cafeteria everyday. During lunch, our conversations would always include a lot about sports. One day, we got in an intense argument about who was a faster skater on the ice, and since our Green Mountain Glades teams would practice on the same ice, we tested it one day. The race was very controversial as we both skated one lap and weaved around our teammates in the process, but Rosie will say that he won to this day (once again, controversial). Nonetheless, this shows just how competitive Rosie was from a young age. Rosie’s competitiveness and relentless determination stems from his youth, and these two driving forces continue to propel Rosie to new heights in his social life, athletic career, and professional career. Rosie is one of, if not the most driven twenty-year-olds that I have ever met, and I’m extremely lucky to call him my trainer and one of my very best friends. His attention to detail in the weight room and beyond is exceptional, and these little details that he has ingrained into my training routine and everyday life have made me the person and athlete that I am. One of Rosie’s best qualities as a trainer is adapting to certain needs, and his training programs are personalized to turn weaknesses into strengths. David is well beyond his years in character and expertise in the weight room and beyond, and the sky is truly the limit for him.
– Thomas Pierce, Ithaca College Soccer ’22

Mason Emoff, VT Lumberjacks ’16-’19, Manhattanville College Hockey ’23

“After having spent two seasons with Rosie, it’s safe to say that he has made me both, a much more complete athlete and a better person. His patience and knowledge has helped me tremendously in the weight room which has translated to my on ice performance. Aside from all his help as a trainer, he has been an unbelievable friend and role model. I have never met someone so passionate about training and using that to improve the lives of others. “
– Mason Emoff, Vermont Lumberjacks 2016-2019, Manhattanville College Hockey ’23